Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

As winter progresses and my labwork continues to give me problems, I feel less and less like posting to the blog. In part, this is also due to the fact that I rarely have the time or energy to download photos to my computer and then upload them to the blog, particularly since I must do this in lab. However, in the future, I believe I will simply post as often as I can, and if I manage to throw a few pictures in there, then so be it.

The holidays were as joyful as they can be when one is separated from one's spouse. I missed John terribly (and still do, of course), but managed to enjoy a few celebrations these last couple of weeks. In addition, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Imbrium for the first time since she was in the Chicago area visiting her parents for the holidays. I confess I was a little nervous--what if we did not get along when communicating face to face? But not to worry! She is warm, kind, friendly, funny, supportive, and well, just a wonderful person and I am glad to call her a friend. She even put up with me calling Bradon "Brandon", which I did several times before catching on. I also got to hear her good news and offer my congratulations. Much screaming, and laughing, and jumping up and down, and hugging ensued. I am so very happy for her (and Bradon, too, of course)!

One holiday celebration I skipped out on was New Year's Eve. I was invited to a party of a friend of a friend but decided to not go. I've spent every day of this holiday season in lab, except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve Day was no exception (nor was New Year's Day) and I could use a night to myself. So, instead of drinking champagne and toasting in the New Year, I watched a couple of episodes of CSI (the original, I don't like the other two), and then did some introspection.

Several weeks ago, I bought a planner from Franklin Covey. Included in the planner are several activities designed to help you create a personal mission statement. I've used planners from Franklin Covey before, but never created a personal mission statement. But, I want this year to be different. I am tired of being miserable. I am tired of making choices that lead me to depression. I want to be happy. So, I worked through the activities. I thought about what I value, who I am, who I want to be, what I want to do in life, and what I want to have. I answered questions like, "What have been some of my greatest moments of happeness and fulfillment?" "What activities do I most enjoy and find most fulfilling in my professional life?" "What are the activities of most worth in my personal life?" "What talents and capacites do I have or want to have?" "How can I best contribue to the world?" Then, I wrote my personal mission statement.

I will pursue happiness by:

1. Doing the things I love
-broadening my mind academically
-being creative

2. Being with the people I love
-never being separated from John for a long period time again
-having children
-maintaining contact with friends and family

3. Treating myself in the same way I treat others
-with love, kindness, and respect

4. Making a difference in the world
-by passing on my knowledge in both formal and informal settings
-by contributing to public understanding of science
-by helping others with mental illness
-by working toward a better public understanding of mental illness

It may need some tweaking here and there, but it will do for going on with for now.


  1. That sounds like a fabulous mission statement! Consider me in your cheering section!

  2. Hee!

    Did you call him Brandon? Honestly, it happens so often that I hardly notice anymore (which is really funny, because it drives me up the wall when people get MY name wrong.) As long as you don't call him Brad, it's all good - his parents nicknamed him Brad, and he with through school as Brad and hated it. He and I have both (independently) noticed that people named Brad tend to be jerks, so every time someone calls him Brad (usually his mother, or people who've known him for a long time) we both wince.

  3. OOh. You met a blog friend. Intimidating! I like that mission statement idea. I'll trade you the mission statement directions for that flower washcloth pattern that's still in my bag.