Monday, January 29, 2007

Scarfin' it up

Today, I sent out the Red Scarf. Here are a few pictures:

Model: Labmate LY

Model: Dissecting microscope

Ready to go:


Yarn: Swish Superwash from Knitpicks in "Fired Brick"
Pattern: I used a stitch pattern from this book surrounded by a garter stitch border. The length was 4 balls of yarn; I never actually measured it. Width was the length of a bamboo dpn which I used during blocking to make sure I was being consistent down the length of the scarf.

I also included a box of Sweethearts and the card is a postcard of the Sears Tower. On the back I glued a pink card made from fancy paper that I got at a stationery store in Paris. I wrote this note:

The ribbon was something I picked up at JoAnn's a couple weekends back.

I hope he/she likes the scarf. The people in the lab sure liked it. LY was sad when I took it off her.

On a related note, it's clear to me that college students are desperately in need of winter clothing. This morning, when I took the bus in to campus, it was 16 degrees Fahrenheit with snow flurries. I wore my new winter coat, my new wool mittens (pictures to follow), my Calorimetry head band (which I didn't redo over the weekend--maybe next weekend), and my scarf. And I was freezing my butt off (literally, because my coat only goes to my waist!). When I got on the bus, I was seated acrossed from college students wearing the following:

Boy #1: T-shirt, hoodie, knit hat, jeans
Boy #2: Fleece, jeans (couldn't see his shirt, he did have the fleece zipped all the way up)
Girl: Winter coat, fingerless goves, knit hat, turtleneck or scarf (couldn't tell which), lightweight capris, moccasins (no socks or tights)
Boy #3: Button-down shirt, light-weight courdoroy jacket, chinos
Boy #4: Leather coat, jeans

It was all I could do to keep myself from wrapping my scarf around one, giving my mittens to another and buttoning Calorimetry around the neck of a third. What were they thinking????


  1. You should see the Lab School students. They wear mini skirts and no stockings. Is there some macho cold thing going on with the younger generations?

  2. They won't wear warm stuff even if they have it. The girls are notorious about being afraid to mess up their hair with a hat. Puh-lease!

    Wonderful scarf! You're so good!

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    When I was at uni a fellow in one of my classes was wondering why he had lost 25 pounds, over the winter months. He was wearing similar clothing to what you described - nothing substantial or warm.
    But he was from an Asian country and didn't know any better.

    janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca