Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yesterday, I started swatching for the Cabin Cove Along:

This morning, I finished the swatch and counted stitches per inch: 9.5 on 2mm needles. A little small, but I like the fine gauge. But, I don't want to spend an enternity knitting these socks, so I have to decide if I want to go up in needle size or what. If I continue with this, given the size of my roommate's leg, I will need to have 92 stitches around. The pattern I want is only 72 stitches around, so I am modifying it. There's a faux cable/twisted stitch pattern running down the front of it and I'm widening that slightly. The rest is just ribbing and I can add more of that fairly easily. I'm going to do the socks toe-up because I'm afraid of running out of yarn. Possibly another reason to have a slightly looser (more loose?) gauge.

I'm going to make the decision tonight whether or not to go slightly larger on the needle size, then cast-on (if I happen to have the correct needles available, may need a trip to the LYS). I know the Along isn't supposed to start until 2/2, but they seem to be pretty flexible and these socks are already a month late.


  1. I sure like the colors of the CC, but I've been hesitant. I am wary of the nylon content. I haven't found a wool+nylon yarn that I like yet. Let me know what you think once you are farther along.

  2. Do I get a vote? :D

    I think you might want to go up a needle size. Two mm needles are tiny and it's going to take a much longer time to make those socks if you stay with that needle size.

    And we are flexible. Start when you like. There's no pressure. Just knitting.

  3. Geez. This project sounds scary. God speed.

  4. Hi there~

    Just checking out the SUKer's blogs.

    I'll be working on a shawl in gingerbread laceweight. It's a lovely color!

    I'm originally from NW Indiana, just South of Lake Michigan. I currently live in Maryland but, will be moving back to that area in about a year.

    I'll be back to check on your SUK project. ;)