Friday, June 20, 2008

Still alive

Just not blogging. Or reading blogs (I'm so far behind in my blog-reading, I may just skip all of the back posts. Maybe.). Or knitting. So, not much to talk about on my knitting blog--that's for sure. But, I thought I'd better check in so that people don't think I've been eaten by a giant mutant yeast or spilled a bottle of acid on myself and ended up dissolved in the drain by the safety shower in lab or anything else untoward. I had a spot of depression, but thanks to some new meds, that cleared right up except that now I can't make my legs sit still.

I really am barely doing any knitting at all. I've made a few plain, square washcloths--knit on the bias with a yarn-over border--you know, the classic. That's been about all I can handle lately. I'm feeling a little brain-dead from the lab stuff. I'm spending a lot of time in lab (it's 9:30pm on a Friday and I'm still in lab--that tell you anything?).

Also, I'm crocheting a granny square afghan for the couch in the conference room because it's chilly in there when I take a nap.

That's it. That's my life for the moment. Boring as hell. Don't worry, I'll let you know if something exciting ever happens.