Thursday, June 02, 2011

Working on a big project

I've been thinking about this blog lately and whether I want to continue it considering I only seem to post about once every two months or so. Ultimately, though, I think it would make me sad to get rid of it since I've had it for so long. Actually, I've been wanting to write some posts for awhile now, because I have a lot going on craftwise, but I've been delaying that until I was ready to share my news.

I'm pregnant!

The baby is due around Thanksgiving and J and I are very happy. Or, rather, we are very happy that we will have a baby in Nov., right now I'm not so happy because I really don't enjoy being pregnant. Seriously, I don't understand what all of the fuss is about. It's not magical or anything. It's not like I'm the first woman to ever get knocked up. And it's pretty damn uncomfortable in a lot of ways. Frankly, the first trimester I was absolutely miserable. I'm feeling better now, but not "glowing."

So, this means that the craft projects I'm interested in all have something to do with the baby or being pregnant. As a knitter, I'm contractually obligated to knit my baby a sweater. I've started with the Twinkle sweater (Ravelry link). It's very cute, but I think the next one will be made with heavier weight yarn (this one calls for fingering weight) because it seems like it's been taking forever! I will, of course, have to make the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. I actually tried knitting one of these a couple months ago, but my head was in such a fog early in my pregnancy that I ripped it out four times before I got more than 30 rows in. Not because I found the pattern confusing (although some of it does seem rather confusing) but for pretty stupid mistakes. Such as casting on 20 fewer stitches than what was necessary. For real.

But, more than baby sweaters, my mind has been on maternity clothes. The selection in stores is fairly ridiculous. Limited, ugly and/or overpriced. So, I was thinking I'd sew some of them, but the maternity patterns available are also mostly ugly. Apparently, pattern designers think that pregnant women would like to wear plain, square sacks for several months. So, I've been looking at regular patterns and seeing if I can alter them to be suitable for pregnancy.

So, that's what I'm up to these days (and will be for the next 6 months). Incubating, knitting, and planning sewing projects.