Thursday, January 25, 2007

A disturbing realization

My advisor's wife is a playwrite. One of her plays is being performed at a theater in Chicago. Last night, a group of us from the lab went to see it (not my advisor, he had already been to see it). It was a drama about a mother and her grown twin children (a boy and a girl) over Thanksgiving weekend (very dysfunctional family, we are about to find out). The son has secretly married an older woman about a month ago and doesn't tell his mom about it until they arrive (surprise!). Mom decides at that moment to call the (single) chemistry teacher from school (she's a home-ec teacher) and invite him to Thanksgiving dinner (he had suggested they go out sometime). This leads to dialog in which the daughter (the rebel who drinks a lot and has sex with just about every male to cross her path) to say something like, "A chemistry teacher--how kinky! I bet there's a lot you could do with a beaker and a bunsen burner!"

We laugh. We are thinking, "This is probaby more amusing to us because we are scientists."

Then we think--


Our advisor is a scientist.

This is his wife's play.





You'll have to excuse me now, I'm helping my labmates bleach the glassware and order new bunsen burners.


  1. LOL...tho one does hope it's poetic license. (as I try to imagine why the need for the bun...oh, wait, I think I know!!)

  2. Says the artsy-fartsy type to the scientist: Those artsy types do have overactive imaginations...

    But we'll hope they have their own special set of lab equipment packed away in the drawer with the naughty nurse outfit.

    PS Playwright.

  3. Wow. That is too much information. It's like when my 60 year old co-worker said that she and her hubby sleep in the buff.