Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WTF Wednesday

I have never participated in What the Fuck? Wednesday, but today, I have to. Why? Because I got the following email from a labmate today:
Long story short, there was a short in the switch to turn on
the lights in lab.

After some phone calls, me getting to pull a fire alarm for
the first time in my life, AND a visit from 10 or more fireman
power was turned off to that switch. should be fixed by 8 AM
they say, but until then only safety lights in lab.

Yay! Lab burning event averted!


Okay, first of all, no burning down the lab before I graduate, are we clear? Second, there are still no lights in our lab. It is now 10:40am. Fortunately, we have electricity from the outlets so our equipment still works, but the lights are out. Also, fortunately, it is one of those rare sunny days in Chicago otherwise it would be much, much darker in here. But, the windows are small so it's not like we're flooded with light. And, I have a lamp. So, there's some light there. But, here's the thing, I have seasonal affective disorder so darkness, it is not good for me and second, my experiments aren't working, I have to get them to work before I can even start on the next thing, I have to get all of this done to graduate and I'm leaving this Friday to go to LA until Tuesday (Yay!), so that's time away from lab, so I can't just say, "fuck it," and go home. People have been called. Advisor out of town so no help from that quarter. If the lights aren't on by this afternoon, I'm going to hunt down the facilities people and force them to work on the lights at gunpoint (don't ask me where I'm getting the gun, this is the Southside of Chicago, I'm sure I could buy one off of someone fairly quickly, and as long as I get a receipt, I can get reimbursed).

That is all. Rant over. For now.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    Oh dear! I didn't know you had the f-word in you!

    I hope the lights got turned on and you didn't have to try to wrangle a receipt from your corner gun dealer.

    At any rate--enjoy your time in LA!

  2. Wow. Harsh times. The sun and R&R will be good this weekend.