Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Can't resist

I found a contest: name five places you've knit besides at home and a yarn shop (I've never actually knit at a yarn shop).

1. In Church (Chartres Cathedral, France, St. John's in Independence, IA , Bond Chapel, Chicago, IL; the church where my brother-in-law got married)
2. BV's thesis defense
3. My sister's high school graduation
4. the Lyric Opera House during Rigoletto (and another opera I can't think of right now)
5. Conferences: Yeast Cell Biology, Cold Spring Harbor, NY; American Society for Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA


  1. knitting during the that. did you get dirty looks?

  2. Now, a few people have said they wouldn't knit in church. Glad to see that you have!