Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stitch 'n Bitch Revival

As I said before, I've hit the knitting blahs. This is probably related to the January blahs I always get due to my seasonal affective disorder. Anyway, last night, I went to our weekly stitch 'n bitch meeting and I feel a little bit revived. I sat and worked on my shawl while chatting and planning our Holiday/Gift Stitch 'n Bitch group that I am starting [in a feeble attempt to get a jump on holiday knitting, I have started this spin-off group that meets once a month at my apt.]. It reminded me how soothing I find knitting and how enjoyable it can be.

Additionally, I straightened out a corner of my bedroom that had my knitting stuff in it and got some WIPs sorted out. Most of them are now in plastic boxes, ready to be picked up. There were some I had completely forgotten about (like a drop-stitch ribbon scarf), and some that were completely knitted but lacked finishing (like a scarf knit from yarn I bought in Paris). I also got a halogen lamp for my bedroom which will make it more enjoyable to knit in there. I spend quite a bit of time in there since my husband watches tv in the living room. I try to moderate my tv watching habits because when I watch too much tv I don't sleep well. And I cleared off the chair that was in that corner so I don't have to sit on the bed to knit.

Finally, today I decided to subscribe to Cast-On, a knitting podcast. I thought it might inspire me to listen to it while knitting.

I still haven't started the second mitt for my husband. I have second mitt syndrome I guess. Speaking of which, someone in my group last night said she knew how to knit two socks at a time on one circular needle. I have got to learn how to do that.

Ive been feeling pretty blah in general lately, and it's been hard getting things done. For instance, I still haven't mailed my friend's birthday (from Nov.) and Christmas gifts. I think about it, then end up putting it off. Procrastination is a really big part of my life right now. I should really do something about that. Maybe tomorrow..... :)

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