Monday, January 30, 2006

Two red scarves in two weeks

I finished knitting Red Scarf 1 on Friday evening, then blocked it on Sat. Then, I cast on for a second one. This time I cheated and used bulky yarn and a size 15 needle. I only had two days, you know! This one is made out of Patons Melody (?) yarn--one skein bright red and one skein variegated rainbow colors. I alternated the red and var. yarns at different intervals and I like how it turned out. It's pretty bright--hopefully it doesn't go to some incredibly conservative college guy! On the other hand, maybe he'll decide to wear it anyway and feel so good about, he'll branch out into brighter colored clothes. Just leave me to my delusions, 'kay?

So, I bet you want to see pix of these babies. I haven't uploaded them yet, sorry. Also, I'm hoping to take pix of everyone with their red scarves and SnB tonight, so I'll show them tomorrow.

On Wed., I'm leaving for Arizona for reasons of my health (seasonal affective disorder--must get some sun), so I won't post much. Not that I post much anyway. I guess I just wanted to brag about going to Arizona.

So, what am I knitting now? Well, I've got a sock on the needles as usual. I'm still working on a shawl (which I haven't picked up since starting the red scarf endeavor). I have another fingerless mitt to make for hubby (but it's been so warm in Chicago, his office hasn't been that cold, so he hasn't needed them). I have a red scarf I'm knitting as a holiday project for my Holiday SnB (but I'm a little tired of red scarves for a moment, so I'm not picking that one up for awhile). On Sat., I bought a pattern and yarn for a bonnet, booties and cardigan set for a friend's baby (my first sweater, ever--yikes!), and I bought more sock yarn (not that I needed it). So, I've got plenty of options. So many, in fact, I'm not sure which to choose. So, I'm knitting the sock by default since I don't need a pattern for that and it's portable.

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  1. Congratulations on getting the scarves done! I'm sure they'll be much loved by whoever receives them...even if it's a conservative guy. :)