Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Red Scarf Project

I have joined the Red Scarf Project as mentioned on Norma's blog. It is a charity project centered around sending scarves in Valentine's Day care packages to former foster children who are now in college. Since they need the scarves for Valentine's Day, the due date for collection is Jan. 31! Not a lot of time. Consequently, I have been spending all of my knitting time on a red scarf. I am doing a cabled scarf pattern from my Vogue scarves book. The yarn is Caron One Pound yarn in a very reddish cranberry. Yes, one pound. No dye lot. Don't judge me. It's a sturdy worsted weight soft acrylic yarn and it is knitting up beautifully. I didn't even want to try something that would have to be handwashed. I would love to pamper these kids and send them something made in a luxury fiber, but the fact is that these are college kids, some of them male, and the odds that they will take the time to handwash a scarf are slim to none. I can see the average college male simply throwing it in the washing machine and will have to end up putting it on his teddybear (real men have teddybears!).

I have finished 23 out of 60 inches of the scarf and I'm right on track as far as schedule. I decided if I knit 15 inches each of the weekends in between now and then (counting last weekend, because I got the yarn on Sat.), and 4 inches every weekday, it will be done in time. This is easy to figure out because 4 inches is approximately 2 pattern repeats. Frankly, it's coming out so nice, I'm going to have a hard time giving it away. I'm pretty sure I'll have yarn leftover (gee, you think?), so I could make myself one, but I suspect after knitting 60 inches of this scarf, I'm not going to want to do another 60 inches.

Picture? You want to see a picture? Well I haven't taken one yet.

I know, I know, Bad Blogger, Very Bad Blogger!! *thumps self on the nose*

I'll try to take one tonight and post it tomorrow (or the next day because I need to do B for the ABC-along). However, I won't have much time for taking pictures this evening because I am going to see the Magic Flute! Some friends and I (John didn't want to go) bought tickets way back in the early fall, and finally the time has arrived. I haven't been to the opera in two years, so I'm quite excited. It's really the feast after the famine because I'm going to the opera again on the 31st to see Rigoletto. Roommie is taking me as a Christmas present.

So, actually, I'll have to have my scarf done before the 31st because there's no way I'm going to get to an Einstein's Bagels before the opera on the 31st!

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  1. Your choice of yarn is a wise one. Mine is machine-washable too, although a little bit of a luxury fiber -- but that's only because it was in my stash already. I once saw the One Pound yarn being knit into an afghan in the burgundy color, and I thought it WAS a nice wool! So your scarf will be just lovely and soft and much-appreciated. AND practical. I say bravo.