Monday, January 23, 2006


Do me a favor. The next time you are at the Chicago M*useum of S*cience and I*ndustry, go to the chick hatchery in the genetics exhibit and shout, "They're sending the baby chicks to be used as food for the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo!" Run up to the hatchery, pound on the glass and scream, "They're using them as snake food--help me free the baby chicks!!!"*** Got that? Okay.

You may wonder what prompted this little bit of PETA action. Well, I'm doing a part-time internship on the museum presentation of science through the university and I'm putting together a proposal for a demonstration on chick developmental genetics for Science and Industry (hereafter known as MSI). My original proposal was to use live chick embryos from days 1-4 for the demonstration. How cool would that be, to see live embryos??? The Exploratorium in San Francisco does it and it is the grand-daddy of all interactive science musuems. But, it has come down from on high (within the museum, not On High, on high because I don't think He cares if we look at chick embryos for educational purposes) that live embryos exhibits are not allowed at the museum. They have not even read my proposal but they have quashed it. Grrrrr...... Yes, the those higher-ups are too...

wait for it....

CHICKEN to use live embryos. Hardy-har-har. *snort*

This information came to me yesterday. My proposal is due on Friday. I've been trying to get information from the museum about this for ages. And my team leader wants to see a draft of my proposal tomorrow. And, here I am writing you. Well, I did work on it all day, and I'm just sick of chicken development at the moment. Because it occurred to me that while I took a developmental biology class, I still know very little about it. I'm probably overpreparing as usual, but I've been picking people's brains, using the internet (and for some reason, the connection at the lab is abominably slow today), and two textbooks. I know, this is for lay people, but I'm having a hard time finding the particular information that I am looking for.

What? Knitting? Oh yeah, this is supposed to be a knitting blog.

I have almost 60 inches done on my scarf. The question is, do I stop now (since I was aiming for 60 inches in the first place) and start another one, or do I make this one longer? I don't like my scarves too long, but this seems a little short. And I can't decide about the fringe. And, if I do fringe, do I block the scarf before or after fringing?

And, I didn't make it to Stitch 'n Bitch last night because I was too busy working on my proposal that I left work late and couldn't eat dinner before going to my Curves class and I couldn't eat the food at Borders because I am on the Curves 6 week solution and the food at Borders is so unhealthy, so I had to go home and fix dinner after Curves class and by the time I got done, it was pointless to go out.

Which is why I'm doing my bitching here, of course.

Now go home and eat some chicken, but for Godsake, don't look at the eggs, just in case they're fertilized. No live embryos around here!

***Which they do, btw. Many of them go to happy farms, but they have so many, some of them are shoved off to the zoo.

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