Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanksgiving Knit Along

Today while reading Norma's blog, I found the Thanksgiving Knit Along. And while it is true that I have a lot of other things on my plate right now, I think it is a great idea to remember what I have to be grateful for by making something for someone in need. I have already started a hat for the Indiana tornado victims out of leftover Encore multicolored yarn. Hopefully, I can whip up at least a scarf to go with it, and maybe even some mittens.

I have worked on J's hat a bit. The weather turned really cold here in Chicago, literally overnight, so I know he's wishing I had the thing done. I told him he could wear it today if he didn't mind carrying two balls of yarn around and having knitting needles sticking out of his head. He demured. Last night, I had him try it on while it was still on the needles and it just covers his ears, so only a few more rows to go and then I can start decreasing. I'm just glad it fits around his head well. I have a tendency to make hats that are waaayyy too big. As soon a the hat is done, I need to whip up a matching scarf and some mittens. Scarf first, I think. Which means I need to order more yarn from Knit Picks.

Also last night, I started the toe decreases on my second blue sock. I'm really tempted to finish them tonight, but I know I should work on the hat. In fact, I think I should put off everything and knit exclusively on the hat until it's done. I don't want my hubby going around with a cold head! (Besides, he'll whine until it's finished)

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