Thursday, November 17, 2005


In the race against Mother Nature, I was fighting a losing battle. My husband needed a warm hat and before I could finish it, we got a cold snap and we were down in the 20s. So, I knit as fast as my little fingers could go and....


But wait, there's more! You also get:

That's right, folks, a reversible hat. A double-layered, alpaca wool, reversible hat. Who's your mama now?? That's right Mother Nature, you old hag--bow to the warm hat goddess!

In other news, I worked a bit on the Indiana hat for the Knit Unto Others knit along. It doesn't say when we're supposed to be knitting on it. Or when you're supposed to be showing progress. So I offer you this picture for now:

The yarn is 75% acrylic/25% wool Plymouth Encore yarn. It's a simple stockinette hat with a rolled brim, although I'm adding reverse stockinette stripes to keep it interesting. So far, there's not so much to see which is why I added a bit of lab equipment for intrest. Yes, I took that picture on my lab bench. I swear to you, I don't work with anything dangerous (unlike the people on the 7th floor who work with Anthrax and the plague, but I digress). I promise I will wash it prior to sending it out.

And now (as Jon Stewart might say) here's your moment of zen:

My dear husband on his way out into the bitter cold, sporting his new hat. On your knees Mother Nature!

P.S. A matching scarf is next on the list.

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  1. Great hat! Glad to read you're in on Knit Unto Others. You'll feel good about it, I'm sure. Welcome to blogging!