Wednesday, March 15, 2006


So, Mr. Martensi (he asked me to call him Arc) was supernice and brought back my camera no problem. I helped him download the photos off of it and burn them to a disc. You know, when you're a giant squid, it's a lot easier to take pictures of yourself--all those long tentacles. So there were pictures of him with the Beluga whales(the pregnant one seems to be craving cooked seafood and she's having a devil of a time trying to communicate that to the trainers) and in the Amazon exhibit, and he tried to get someone to take a picture of him in the shark tank, but the sharks all scattered when he got in. He had a good time and now he's on a plane back to New Zealand. He said he'd send me a postcard.

So, now I can show you some pictures!

Since yesterday was knitalong day, I'm going to show those first. I started my sockpal sock and did a few rows of the fair isle pattern. The pattern I'm doing is the green one on the cover of Sensational Knitted Socks:

I have been using the strand separator, and I love it:

Here's my progress as of yesterday morning:

(Ghiradelli really wanted his picture taken!)

I worked on them some more last night and this morning and I'm not thrilled with the way they are turning out. I love the colors but the changing colors are obscuring the pattern. It's not that it looks bad, it's just not the look I was going for. I briefly considered buying (yet more) yarn (one with fewer colors), but I've decided to switch patterns. There's another one in there that will work well for this (if you go back to the picture of the cover, it's the dark blue and yellow one), I think. Fortunately, I'm only about 1.5 inches into the fair isle bit, so it won't be too painful to rip out.

I had also mentioned that I made a hat and socks for the Afghans for Afghans newborn project:

I used the pattern from Ann Budd's Handy book of Patterns for the hat, and I made up the socks using some baby sock patterns as guides. Apparently, babies have really stubby feet (I have confirmation of this from a mother of a newborn, so I know the pattern is okay).

That's it for the day, I have to run off to see the opera!


  1. Wow, was your cat meowing in that photo? He looks like he wants to bite the knitting.
    Great start on the sock, it looks beautiful! I'm impressed to see multiple-strands in a sock. If I can just remember how to do socks with single strands, I'll be happy.

  2. Ghiradelli has this little problem with sticking his tongue out, particularly when he's very happy or relaxed. I think it's because he's missing a whole bunch of teeth in the front of this mouth, so there's nothing to keep it in!