Monday, March 27, 2006

God has a sense of humor

Saturday afternoon, my SnB group went to afternoon tea at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. It was a really fun afternoon and we were lucky enough to have the vice consul for social affairs for the Chicago British Consulate join us and give us a history of British tea and tea etiquette (she's the mum of one of our members).

Prior to going to tea, I went to Target to buy a half-slip (a skirt slip) because my skirt wasn't lined and it stuck unpleasantly to my tights. Apparently, Target doesn't sell slips. There was nary a slip to be found. I ended up buying a silky nightgown to use instead (same basic concept as a full slip, really). But, I was appalled at the lack of such an important undergarment at a major department store. I privately pondered people's dedication to decency as I looked at all the women around me in the store and wondered how many of them owned slips. I called my grandmother and left a message on her machine saying I thought the world was going to hell in a handbasket. I told all my sister SnB members that it was a sign of the loose morals of today's society.

Here is a picture of us at tea:

I am the first person on the left wearing the grey skirt. You see that strip of black at the bottom of my skirt?

That is my slip.


  1. Really? Target didn't have a slip? I could have sworn they had them the last time I was in there.

    I'm not known for my modesty (who, me?), but a slip is a vital piece of clothing! I'm glad you found a nightgown that could serve.

    Sheesh. Kids these days.

  2. A story about slips - and the lack thereof:
    Shortly before Prince Charles and Diana got married (in the early 1980's), there was a *scandalous* photo of her NOT wearing a slip in a British newspaper.
    The photo was taken in her garden I think, by an enterprising parapazzi (sp?), with the sun behind her. Which quite clearly showed she wasn't wearing a slip under her skirt.
    So it's not just the "kids these days", imbrium, their parents haven't been brought up right either.