Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring 2013 KCWC: Plans

As I mentioned, Cate really needs bottoms in her wardrobe, so that is what I'm focusing on for the KCWC this week.  I inventoried her wardrobe and came up with the following:
When my in-laws last visited, my MIL bought several things for Cate from Carter's*--mostly shirts, and a few capris.  So, Cate's summer clothes are pretty much the same colors as the Carter's summer line, though I tried to stay from the more brilliant neon colors.  Primarily, there's grass green, very bright yellow, dark blue, a little turquoise, and a little hot pink.  She's also got some grey and pink onesies that she got as a Christmas present.  Since I'm trying to make a small number of bottoms that will match any of the tops she has (both for space considerations and husband-gets-Cate-dressed-sometimes considerations), I'm going to go with neutrals:  denim and khaki.  I've got a small amount of a nice dark denim that I used to make a pair of BBB Pants (one of the two pairs of long pants she has that still fit) that I will use to make shorts or capris, whatever I can squeeze out of it.  I've also got a lighter colored denim that I will use to make a pair of long pants, a pair of capris, and a pair of shorts if I can squeeze that much out of it.  The rest, I'll fill in with the khaki fabric--a pair of pants and a few pairs of shorts.  Not the most exciting sewing there ever was, but really, really useful!

*I'm not sure the clothes from Carter's would fit into my ethical fashion guidelines, but I'm not going to worry about that in gifted clothes, primarily because I don't see my family understanding my point of view and in the interest of helping our budget (free clothes!) I'm not prepared to press the issue.

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