Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's done

Not the shirt, The Book. I finished it in 8 hours.

I was right about some things. I was wrong about some things. Some of the things that I was right about, I wish I had been wrong about. Some of the things I was wrong about I wish I had been right about.

Since I have no desire to ruin the book for anyone, I won't tell you what those things were. However, I will say that I liked the book. But, I'm kind of sad it's all over, now.


  1. Yeah, but now you can start all over from the beginning and get all those little hints of what is to come that you didn't get before you knew what you know now. At least I've always gotten new insights every time I've read Crime and Punishment. ;)

  2. I'm afraid I missed the last four HP books, not that I didn't enjoy the first three. Once we adopted my daughter, I got sidetracked.

    But I bet there was a slight drop nationwide (or worldwide) in certain business, like movie rental places, over the weekend because of this book coming out!