Saturday, July 14, 2007

Collar: 3, Elisabeth: 0

So, um, I spent quite a bit of time on the collar last night and it still isn't permanently attached to the shirt. I'm having some difficulty attaching it so that the seam looks smooth.

Also, I knit several rounds on the Sockapalooza socks and ended up ripping them all out again. *sigh*

Perhaps I should have realized that since it was Friday the 13th, no good could come of me working on craft projects (especially with a black cat in the house).


  1. It would have been kind of someone to point out to you that a collared shirt isn't exactly a beginner project, especially if it has a band. But, it sounds like you are getting there, so just keep at it! And tailor's chalk is your friend. Much easier to mark nipples than with pins. ;)

    We must be in synch--I went to the fabric store today and stumbled into a 60% off sale. The budget gods were watching out for me though since most of the fabric I liked didn't have enough left on the bolt to do anything with except possibly make pincushions.

  2. Do you happen to have PMS? It tends to give me lots of frantic energy but no forward motion for some reason. I start a lot of stuff, I stop a lot of stuff. I eat, cry, get my period and feel better.

    Just wondering.