Thursday, November 16, 2006

You knew it was coming

With the plethora of posts about charity knitting floating around in Knitblogland, it was inevitable that such a post would show up here, as well. I like the idea of knitting for charity as we approach the holiday season with its growing commercialism and excess of shopping, so I have joined the Knit Unto Others knitalong (see button in sidebar). The idea is to knit at least one charity item in the next two weeks starting Saturday. And while this seems completely doable, I am feeling overwhelmed with the choices of charities to chose from. Do a I knit a scarf for the orphaned college student? Do I knit a hat or mittens or scarf for a child in Mongolia? Do I knit a hat, mittens, or scarf for someone in Afghanistan? Do I knit a hat for a child in Oklahoma? Do I knit a baby cap for Save the Children? Every charity I see seems worthy and none of them speaks to my heart of hearts more than any of the others so I feel like a deer caught in the headlights--rooted to the spot, caught in indecision. Honestly, everytime I think about starting a charity project, I get so overwhelmed with the possibilities I just stare at the yarn and needles for awhile, then pick up one of the many gift knitting projects that I have going right now and work on that. There is such a thing as too many choices.


  1. Blink! Just blink! I promise the headlights will go away if you blink! ;) I know how you feel. I haven't knit a single thing for charity this year. I am a slug!

  2. I have one for the foster young adults and some finished and some pending for Mongolia. They key is to have lots of stash ready to go for duh knitting that can eventually be donated. Deadlines are too be avoided at all costs. Let's see Holiday deadline, dissertation deadlines, charity knitting deadlines?!? I'm feeling faint

  3. So......what'd ya decide on? What are you knitting on THIS INSTANT? I just put my finished mittens in the envelope for one charity and was thinking of casting on another hat immediately. But then I am an obnoxious (foul-mouthed) do-gooder, anyway. Go ahead. Swear at me. I can take it. :)