Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Knitblogger something or other

I was at Norma's when I found out about this. It seems that someone is doing a study on memes and how fast they travel. And while I am a no-meme zone, since Norma is as well and she was doing it, I figured it was okay. So, the deal is this: visit the link above (this) and then say something on your blog about it and ask other people to do the same and ping technorati. I'm not even sure what that does, but you know me--lemming all the way. Besides, I'm a sucker for an experiment.

Grandma's surgery is today. I am staying in Chicago. I am trying to be a productive person but failing miserably. This does not surprise me, but at least I'm trying.


  1. My prayers for your grandma. Mine is having surgery tomorrow.

  2. So glad your grandma came through the surgery okay (without, as you say, an accidental leg amputation or something...) My best wishes for all of you.

    Love your lemming post. Hahahaha.