Friday, November 10, 2006


Meet Dr. Eugene Losev, Ph.D.

Eugene was in my entering class for the Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology and we joined the same lab. Last Monday, he successfully defended his thesis and has earned the title of Doctor. Hooray!

Tomorrow is Roommie's birthday. Since today it got pretty cold, I decided to give him his hat and mittens.

They fit quite well which is a relief. I tried making him a hat several years ago when I first started knitting and it was ENORMOUS. This time, I secretly measured his hat and mittens that were in the closet and went by those measurements. It worked!

And here we have the Sister-In-Law votives:

These were knit with 24 gauge wire using glass beads both from Michael's. The bead size is a little confusing and I didn't quite understand what it meant. The beads were variously referred to as 6/0 and 3mm. I followed the guidelines from Handknit Holidays. Since Kristen has asked, I will give you more details as to how I did it as soon as I can take some demonstration pictures. It's really not that hard and it goes pretty fast. I did each of these in one evening while watching tv.

This weekend promises to be pretty quiet. Roommie is going out with his boyfriend tonight and tomorrow night for his birthday. E, temporary roommate A's husband, is in town and they are staying at a hotel for the weekend. So, it's just me and my knitting. Maybe I'll watch my beloved Pride and Prejudice this evening while knitting and drinking hot chocolate. chocolate. On Saturday, I am going to afternoon tea at the Four Seasons with my good friend, B (who's Roommie's boyfriend). Afternoon tea is my favorite indulgence. I don't go for manicures or pedicures, I go to posh hotels and sip finely brewed tea in china cups and savor delicate little finger sandwiches and scones with lemon curd and devonshire cream. Holly Golightly may have thought that nothing bad could ever happen to you at Tiffany's but it's my firm belief that nothing bad can ever happen to you while at Tea.


  1. Thanks for the votive pics!

    Enjoy your tea date--it sounds fabulous! Happy weekend.

  2. And, of course, congrats to Eugene!

  3. The votives look great! I am an A&E Pride and Prejudice fiend!