Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It's true

I've been ignoring you, dear readers. I have been putting off writing blog entries by saying things like, "I don't have any pictures to post," and "I'm too tired," and "I don't feel like it." I appologize, really I do, but, well, life got the best of me last week.

Last Wednesday, my dear Ghiradelli had to have several teeth removed. He now only has about 3 left. This is not a problem because cats mostly swallow their food whole. To do dental work on a cat, you have to use general anesthesia (big surprise). Now, my kitty is a little old. And he's a carrier for FIP. And he has a very low heart-rate (possibly because he's so mellow). So, I was nervous about the procedure. I was in tears the night before, and stayed home the day of because I was such a wreck. In such circumstances, I'm like a wounded animal, I curl up and hide and read fantasy science fiction (okay, maybe that last bit is not like a wounded animal, but I bet if wounded animals could read, they would pick fantasy novels). Fantasy because it gives me the much-needed escape. I can completely lose myself and all sense of time and that's a good thing when you're waiting to hear if your precious fur-baby got through surgery okay (which he did, of course, just like everyone said he would). At any rate, after surgery, he needed to take an antibiotic for several days and the standard one has been giving him an upset stomach, so we went for another one--a liquid. Boy, was that fun. The first day, I got it all over him. The second and third days were much better. The fourth day it started giving him diarhea, so I had to stop giving him that one and take him to the vet on Monday so the vet could look at his mouth and see if we should try yet another antibiotic--pills this time. So, I have a week's worth of pills that are bigger than the usual ones, a cat who hates taking them (okay, that statement is redundant), and I'm leaving town so Roommie will have to do it. Poor guy (both the cat and the roommate).

Watery Bolero
It's really taking shape but I wonder if I will really get it done on time. I've got all of that traveling time tomorrow, but since we are going into the city on Thurs. and maybe staying the night with John's brother, I'm not sure how much I'll really get to work on it besides that. I'm bringing a back up sweater just in case. I am less that a quarter of the way done with the front and after I get the front done, I have to do the neck shaping, ribbing, and sew the thing together. Yeah. I'm not going to get it done. Oh well.

Just in case by some miracle I finish the bolero, I need another project(s) to occupy my time. I have been neglecting my roommate's socks, so I'm bringing that project along. I had gotten a stain on the foot of one sock and I need to wash it or rip out a huge section and cut the yarn to get rid of the stain. Neither of which has sounded appealing, that's why the sock has been languishing. But, I really need a portable project (you need something small and inconspicuous when you're knitting during a wedding) and Roommie really deserves the socks, so I am determined to try to fix the problem soon. I will also bring along a pattern for a tank top and some yarn to start it (which requires bringing a variety of needles, but that's okay).

Don't know how much I'll be posting this week since I'll be out of town (not that I post all that much in town).


  1. Oh yeah, cats and medications. Been there, done that! Sympathize! (And am glad to hear you are still on the planet.)

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