Thursday, May 11, 2006

I'm awake

Really, I am. I am not about to fall over face first on my desk and start snoring.

Last night, I went home from lab at 10:00. Having gotten there at 9:30 in the morning, I really feel I put in a full day of work. However, it was a stupid day, because I didn't actually get very much work done at all. There was the doctor's appointment in the morning, a talk in the afternoon, and then a practice talk for a qualifying exam for our newest student in the lab and the revisions of it that lasted four hours.

So, knitting? Not so much. I had figured that if I knit 2 inches per day on the Watery Bolero, it would be done by the time I needed it. I'm about 3 inches behind schedule. Hopefully, I'll catch up this weekend. However, I am really loving this yarn--Saucy Sport. It has superb stitch definition which makes even stockinette look fabulous. The only problem with it has superb stitch definition so every little mistake is glaringly obvious. Still, I think it will make for a good little bolero whenever it is I get it done (hopefully before the end of the summer).

In other news, I think my experiments are working. *knocks on wood* But shhhh, don't tell anyone. If everyone knows my experiments are working, they will mysteriously start not working, just to be contrary. I can't tell you, though, how nice it is to be able to say to my boss, "Hey, I have a result," instead of, "Nothing works and I can't figure out why," or, "I've gotten nothing done because I had to take several mental health days in a row." Though he's so stoic, his reactions to each of those three statements looks very similar. But I like to think that somewhere inside him there's a little happy face that lights up when I show him results.


  1. I'll never forget the psych experiment I ran while I was in college. I carefully ran my tests, collected my data, and entered it all painstakingly into the statisics software. I hit the magic button and the results splayed themselves across the screen. And - gasp! - I had a statiscally significant finding! I was practically bouncing with joy until I realized...the outcome was the opposite of my hypothesis. *sigh*

  2. Here's to happy bosses! Hope you had a chance to enjoy some knitting this weekend. I'm going to try to make it to the knitting extravaganza tonight - thanks for the info :)