Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Furry Feet

For Mother's Day, I thought I'd make my mom some furry flip-flops (when I was a kid, we called them thongs, but now that thongs has entirely new meaning, I have switched to flip-flops because the visual image from the statement, "I thought I'd make my mom some furry thongs", just isn't what it's supposed to be anymore.) On the right is the shoe as it came from the store and on the left is the magic that can be done with a some fun fur eyelash yarn and a crochet hook. I tried them on, just to get an idea of what they'd be like.

And here is the completed pair next to the anklet socks I made for my grandma for Mother's Day (the yarn is Cascade Fixation):

And while we're showing pictures....

Happy Anniversary to Us! We've been married six years (it used to be that people didn't get very excited until you'd been married 20 years or so, but these days if you make three years, people are congratulating you on beating the statistics).

I knew you'd want to see the shawl/wrap in more detail, so here you go. I used one ball of Gossamer in black with gold and silver sparkly threads in it and knit 50 stitches in garter stitch on size 15 needles until I ran out of yarn (which gave me about 5 feet of shawl). I was actually making it to wear to a wedding over Memorial Day weekend (with the new dress that I'm wearing in the photo), but I finished it Sat. morning and hurried up and blocked it so I could wear it that night.

So, what am I working on now? The Fiery Bolero from Interweave Knits summer 2005. Only in navy blue. I'm hoping to wear it with a yellow and blue sleeveless dress at the rehearsal dinner. Cross your fingers!


  1. Congratulations! Happy anniversary! You're both so cute.

  2. Congrats for beating the curve!

  3. I love the flip flops I made some for my neice last year and she just loved them, in fact she e-mailed me on the weekend asking if I could make her some more :)