Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween is less than a week away!

I just realized that Halloween is just around the corner and I have yet to start Cate's costume!  Nothing I've planned is difficult to make, but I have so little time for sewing on a day to day basis.  Here's my plan of action:

Today (Sat.):  Go to Joann's, buy materials and craft supplies and get the fabric washed.

Sunday:  Make the tail and ears.  These are the most critical parts and I can't buy the kind of tail I want.  I'm using this tutorial to make the tail and the ears (the tutu is adorable, but it doesn't exactly go with the theme of being our tuxedo kitty).

Monday:  Trace t-shirt and leggings patterns and cut out fabric.  I'll be using the plain t-shirt (no peplum) and leggings from McCalls M6780.

Tuesday:  Sew up the t-shirt, check fit.

Wednesday:  Sew up leggings, check fit.

Thursday:  Halloween!

[Edit:  I originally wrote that Friday was Halloween, but after posting, I was talking to my DH and realized that Thursday is Halloween!  It's even sooner than I thought!]


  1. Good luck! I stopped by JoAnn for a pattern and the cutting line was brutally long. I'm sure Cate will be just adorable!

    1. It was a madhouse there! I managed to get white knit fabric, the elastic, and the fluffy stuff for making the tail but that it. There wasn't any plain black jersey or interlock fabric, only dancewear and "performance" knits. And they were out of that pattern as well (maybe not surprising since the McCall's patterns were on sale for 99¢). I'm going to a different Joann's tomorrow morning and considering making the shirt in fleece and buying black leggings.