Friday, August 24, 2007

Back in Chicago

Actually, I've been back for a few days now, but I'm just getting around to posting. Meg and Benjamin went home from the hospital on Sat. and were doing very well when I left. He's mostly a good baby and not fussy, but when he gets mad, he gets MAD! He'll go from nothing wrong to screaming in no time at all.

The bibs I made from Mason-Dixon Knitting are too big for him right now, so no pictures of him wearing them. I made a little spring green hat from Knitpicks Shine but no pictures of that or of the little purple hat and socks I made a couple of days ago because I didn't manage to take pictures before giving them away. I'll try to be better in the future.

I've made a decision to stop knitting for charity in the short term and knit for Benjamin instead. They really have very little and minimum wage jobs don't get you very far these days, so what little they have for the baby are gifts from other peole and various hand-me-downs. So, in a way, I'll still be knitting for the disadvantaged, I just know who the person is.

P.S. I know I'm just a little biased but I think Benjamin is the cutest baby there ever was!!!


  1. He's so tiny!! And very cute, too!

  2. Yeah, I think he needs lots of knitted goodies! ;)

  3. Benjamin is an adorable baby. Can't wait to see his new duds.