Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two sides down

Only two more to go! I have the border done on one long and one short side of my shawl. This has taken me three days. I now have less than two days to do the rest of it. Will I make it?

Additionally, before I leave I must do laundry because, really people, it's getting out of control. And I need clean underwear to take with me.

And, I need to try on the dress I'm going to wear to the wedding to make sure it still fits. Because that would be bad if it didn't since I don't have a back-up dress.

Yes, it's as exciting as ever here at e-beth knits. Shawl and laundry and no pictures because I haven't found my camera cable yet and haven't been able to go anywhere to get a memory card reader yet. Don't worry. I definitely will take a picture of me wearing the shawl and I will show it to you, it just may take awhile for that to happen.

In other news, I'm obsessed with HGTV. Except for Buy Me because it's too stressful and people sometimes yell at their real estate agents and I don't need that kind of tsoris (my benchmate in lab is Jewish by the way--I've picked up quite a bit of Yiddish over the years; it's a very satisfying language). There's something so satisfying about home improvement shows. There was a problem and in half an hour, Presto Chango! the problem is fixed! Unlike my labwork which is maybe why I like the HGTV so much. In lab, I'll start the day with a problem and by the end of the day, I still have the same problem and it's not getting better. And then I start the next day with the same problem.

Why yes, I'm feeling a little frustrated with my labwork--how did you guess?

Anyway, I really like watching House Hunters because I like trying to guess which place they are going to pick. Unfortunately, the other night there was this girl on that was buying her first place and she had just finished medical school and there were two things that irked me. One was that she was able to get a "new doctor loan" which required no money down and had a low interest rate and so on and so forth and I sat there thinking, I bet you have to be a new medical doctor to get a loan like that and it made me a little bit angry. The other was that she said something to the effect of (in reference to just starting her residency), "I've never received a paycheck in my life." And I thought, how the hell does someone get to the age of 26 or whatever and never have had a paycheck?? How do they get money for things like food???? And then I felt all bitter thinking about how the first paycheck I ever got was when I was 14 and it was for working in the corn fields so that I could have money to buy my school clothes and nobody is going to give me a "new doctor loan" when I finish grad school and it is completely unfair that I have had to work my ass off all of my life and will have to continue doing so and I'm never going to get to buy a condo.

So maybe HGTV isn't so good for me afterall.


  1. Stay away from House Hunters! Other than that HGTV can be fun. One of the real reasons I don't have a TV is that I can sit for hours at a stretch in front of HGTV. And Discovery. And...

    Hang in there!

  2. They should call it PHGTV, the P standing for priviledged. I get sucked into the channel as well, but usually turn the TV off all bitter wondering how all the people got so much money for their big houses.