Monday, November 26, 2012

Still here

It's been a busy month--November has just flown by!  We went out to visit my in-laws in the Boston area for ten days in the middle of the month and it seems like the whole month has revolved around that trip--preparing for it, experiencing it, and recovering from it.  I haven't even looked at my sewing machine (okay, that's a lie, it sits on a table next to my bed so I see it every night; it would be more accurate to say that I look at it and quickly turn away, knowing I have no time to sew).

I have a bunch of projects that are about 30 minutes from being finished languishing in my closet.  But, J is off at a telescope in Hawaii, so I'm alone with Cate for the week.  O!M!G!  I have new-found respect for single moms.  I mean, I always respected them, but now I am in serious awe of their ability to stay sane.

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