Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making some progress

Well, since I last posted, I made substantial progress on my sweater for Cate, having knit the better part of both sleeves.  Unfortunately, I had to rip them out due to stitch insufficiency.  That is to say, I was supposed to knit the sleeves, increasing every 5 rows, until I had 47 stitches and then knit even until the sleeves were 8 inches long and then decrease.  Well, I got to 8 inches and I still hadn't made it to 47 stitches.  I drove myself crazy trying to figure out how it happened.  The easiest explanation would have been that my row gauge was off, and it may well have been a little bit off.  However, I did the calculations and found that you actually can't increase that many stitches in 8 inches at the row gauge stated in the pattern if you follow the pattern and increase every 5 rows.  However, there are no errata for this pattern and nobody on Ravelry who has knit this pattern has mentioned this issue.  There are lots of complaints about how the designer didn't tell you to handle knitting in pattern when you get to the sleeve cap decreases, but nothing about problems increasing to the right number of stitches.  I checked and rechecked the math, though, and I stand by what I say.

So, I ripped back to the ribbing (*sob*) and started knitting the sleeves again, now increasing every 3 rows.  So far, I have made little progress (I've knit exactly one row) but hopefully that will change once I get over being annoyed at the pattern.

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