Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mittens? What mittens?

So, unless I get really inspired, the mittens will not be done today (which is the last day of Christmas. And since it is--I kid you not--50 degrees here in Chicago today, I sincerely doubt I will be really inspired to knit warm, wool mittens.

The weather has been really screwed up here this winter. Actually, it's been pretty screwed up the last couple of winters. It's rarely below freezing, and sometimes it warms up to the absurd temperature of 50 degrees. We have gotten some snow and there was an ice storm, but those things are anomalies. Mostly, it's been pretty reasonable. You'd think I'd be happy about that's creepy. It's not supposed to be mild. It's supposed to be ridiculously cold. This is Chicago, for cryin' out loud! The past couple of winters, I haven't even been able to go ice skating because there haven't been enough days below freezing. WTF?


  1. It was sixty-freaking-five here today. They're predicting the same for tomorrow. UGH!

    Surely Chicago can accommodate the ice skaters--after all, Mexico City has!

  2. We had the warm snap in January here in VT but it's growing colder again, finally. Strange to have no snow on the ground in mid-winter, but then we did get hammered with a few storms in December, which didn't happen at all last year.

    I hear we're 11 inches above normal for snowfall so far. As for the cold, I hate it but it just seems wrong if we don't have to deal with it.

    Here's hoping you get some rotten winter weather. :-)