Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Knitting? What knitting?

It turns out I do the majority of my knitting while sitting in front of the TV. At present, I am waiting to have cable installed and therefore have no tv reception whatsoever and therefore am not watching TV. Instead, I am doing jigsaw puzzles. I have become a jigsaw puzzle fool. Since moving in to my apt. about a week and a half ago, I have finished one 750 piece puzzle and am about a quarter of the way finished with a 1000 piece puzzle. I glued the first puzzle together and hung it up on the wall. With that one done and still no cable, I bought a set of two 1000 piece puzzles on Sunday (I'm working on the one with the flowers in a pitcher right now). I've become slightly addicted to them. Since I have a cat, I had also bought a roll-up puzzle mat. Each night, I unroll the puzzle and work on it for a bit. As it gets later and later, I think, "I should really stop and go to bed. I'll just find one more matching piece." And about 30 minutes and 10 more pieces later, I still haven't gone to bed. It's a little sad, really. A woman living alone, with just a cat for company, addicted to jigsaw puzzles. Somebody should stage an Intervention.

The hold-up on the TV situation has been due to a hold-up on the high-speed internet situation. I am sick to death of dial-up. I pondered DSL, but it turns out my cable company had a deal where you could get digital cable plus high-speed internet for a total of $33/month. Which sounded like a damn fine deal to me. But, I had to order a cable modem (which they gave you a rebate for, so it's free except for shipping). However, it arrived yesterday, so now I just have to schedule installation for later this week and it will be back to TV plus knitting. I guess that means I should hurry up and finish my puzzle or it might never get done!


  1. Dude, did I have a seizure and miss something? You moved?

  2. My office mate sleep deprives herself on puzzles as well. Maybe it's a Hyde Park thing.