Monday, October 23, 2006

I am NOT back from Rhinebeck

Because, as we have already established, I did not go.

I did, however, finish my pumpkin socks.

Toe up pattern roughly based on Wendy's with short row toes and heels using Cascade Pima Tencel yarn. I made up the ruffle off the top of my head by increasing every other row by knitting in the front and back of every stitch until I thought it was enough. They're a little loose on the leg. If I had to do them over again, I'd decrease going from the heel to the leg. But, as they are perfectly comfortable (and soft!), I'm leaving them as is. They make me feel like a kid. Most people say they remind them of carrots. I think next time, I'll do a little jack-o-lantern face on them, and maybe a knit 4 purl 1 ribbing to give them that unmistakable pumpkin quality.

Temporary roommate, A, finished the scarf for her mom (perhaps I can get her to model it for a pic) and is coming with me to SnB tonight. Another one bites the dust. We have decided that when we are both finally in the LA area, we will hang out in yarn shops until Julia Roberts comes in. My husband asked what we would do when she did come in, and, since I hadn't actually thought of what we would do next (because, in my mind, seeing Julia Roberts in the flesh, buying yarn, was enough), I said the first thing that came to mind which was, "Have her sign the ball band of some sock yarn." However, I've decided that I would have her knit a stitch in my project instead because, hey, items that have been partially knit by JR have got to be more rare than her signature, right? However, I'll likely be too embarassed to approach her, and won't want to harass a fellow knitter when she's just trying to buy yarn like a normal* person, and will likely say nothing to her and simply post to the blog, "Hey, I saw Julia Roberts in the the yarn store today" and that will be enough for me. A's next project, by the way, is a pair of fingerless mitts for herself because it's too damn cold in her lab and her hands get cold while working on the computer. Given the size of her hands and the rate at which she is knitting, I expect she'll be done with them by the end of the week. The girl is fast!

I am on the toe decreases for Grandma's socks using Cherry Tree Hill sport weight yarn in the Birches colorway (I know this yarn is heavier than fingering weight, but I cannot for the life of me find a link to it online, I suspect it has been discontinued) that are supposed to be a Christmas present, but I just don't know if I can wait that long to give them to her. So, I might send them early. I want to know if they fit properly. If they do, I can knit her more for Christmas or something. I really should get started on the socks I'm making for Mom, now, though. I think she'd be disappointed if Grandma got a pair (or two) and she didn't. Since I am the only knitter in blogland who hasn't made a pair of Jaywalkers, I think I may do that. I'll have to figure out how to modify the pattern, though, because I'm going to be using thicker yarn and I don't think I'll get gauge.....

Labwork? What labwork? Oh, right, I'm trying to graduate. Ugh. I can't seem to get my butt into lab on the weekends. My excuse this past weekend? Head cold. It's a good one, isn't it? I came up with it on the way into campus this morning. In my defense, it is pretty hard to concentrate on labwork when mucus keeps running down the back of your throat and your nose feels like you've rubbed sandpaper across it (and not the fine stuff, either, we're talking the stuff with the serious grit). I take stuff** for it, and it works, but I just feel worn out all the time. Whine, whine, whine. (Norma, if you're reading this, I am not using a neti pot, but I have a nasal rinse thing and I have been trying to use it, but my nose is so stuffed up, it doesn't work quite right.)

DNA scarf--no recent progress. Probably ought to get back to it if I'm planning on knitting one for my thesis committee chairperson, too.

*That is, normal to us, which, in a countrywide poll of a representative sample of Americans may not, in fact be the norm.

**The angel of mercy must've visited me last night because this morning I found some good old sudafed (not the new PE stuff) in the medicine cabinet. I swear it wasn't there over the weekend.


  1. Your sock is making me hungry. I'm on a diet, but I had a pumpkin tart last week and it was good.

    However, I can eat pumpkin seeds on my diet.

  2. Damn, A must be speedy if she just learned to knit and has already polished off a scarf!

    I was going to suggest a neti pot until I saw Norma had already beat me to it, apparently. Trust me, a neti pot will blast the stuff out of your sinuses. One of my biggest regrets last year was that I decided not to pack my neti pot... Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Tee hee. Cute socks.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!