Saturday, July 29, 2006

Freak show

So, you really want to know what being double-jointed in your thumbs looks like, huh?

Well, this is what happens when I move my thumb at the point where it connects with the rest of my hand. I don't think the picture quite shows you the oddity of it.

This is what most people's hands look like when they try to do what I did above. They can't make the thumb-hand joint jut out on its own, the whole thing moves together.

Which is why I have to wear these stupid things. The plastic keeps my thumb from jutting out like that. I have one for each hand. The little gloves are supposed to keep the braces from rubbing my hands raw and are these flimsy things that are difficult to wash. One of these days, I'll get around to knitting myself a pair that will be vastly superior to these. I'm going to use some short-row shaping to make the space between my thumb and my index finger higher than on the pinky side of my hand.

Some people charge admission for these things, but I'm letting you view my little oddity for free! Can you feel the love?

Right then. Moving on to knitting.

In the last couple of weeks, I have completed the following:

Watermelon socks for afghans for Afghans. They recently had a drive for items for school children and I made a hat, but then they sent out a plea for anything but hats for older children, so I made a pair of socks that would fit me. These are made from Cascade 220 and I used Wendy's Generic Toe-up sock pattern--my first toe-up socks. I gotta say, I liked it a lot. They came out quite nice and should be very warm. I'm not sure they have watermelons in Afghanistan, so I'm not sure they'll understand the color scheme, but that's okay.

I also made these:

(pen included for scale)

An aquaintance from college just had a baby; a girl after already having two boys. I decided she needed something a little girly (but not frilly). So, I made this Cascade Fixation hat and socks set in "Sunset" (I think that's the name of the color). The striping is actually more subtle than this picture indicates. They're soft and stretchy and I hope they fit properly.

I'm still working on my roommate's socks. I have 5 inches done on the foot--only 6 more to go! I have also picked up a baby cardigan that I had set aside awhile back. My husband's cousins are expecting their first baby in March. Too early to know if it's a boy or a girl, yet. I haven't decided if the cardigan would be suitably boyish for the son of a military man, if they do have a boy. Might finish this one and start something else, just in case.


  1. Cracking up because my left thumb is double jointed too. Never met another person with that.

    Your watermelon socks are very cute. If they don't understand the color scheme they will certainly appreciate a pair of nice warm socks.

  2. Sorry I missed Thursday's post... Anyway, I know a thing or two about being "ligamentously loose," as my orthopedic surgeon calls it. It's wreaked havoc with several of my joints--damaged bone in my knees and ankles for one. (The ligaments are supposed to be there to keep your bones from crashing together--HA!) I know the braces suck, but hang in there!

  3. Hrm...I wonder if my thumbs are double-jointed too, because I think I can do that. Like you say, I'm not sure the picture quite captures the phenomenon. I kind of hope not, because that brace would drive me nuts.

    Those socks are too cute!

  4. I too have double jointed thumbs. Mine look extra freaky when I move them out of alignment if you'd like a more shocking photo.

    Maybe your sock recipient will understand and embroider seeds on the watermelon socks.